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Did you know just by a simple click of the mouse, without any extra cost to you, you can donate 0.5% of each purchase to the Coweta Band?  How, you ask? It’s simple, and a one-time step! Visit and logon to the account you normally would.

Under the search bar, there is an option to support a non-profit group. Search for Coweta Band Booster Club. Select it. That's it!  Just make sure each time you shop on Amazon, you go to and the system will automatically choose CBBC.  0.5% of all eligible purchases will go into the Coweta Band's general fund.

Please pass this on to friends and family members as well. Again, there is no cost to you and the benefits to the Coweta Band could potentially be huge!

Remember this only works on your browser, does not work with the APP on your smartphone.

Feel free to contact with any questions.

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